We content creators, with a collective following of over 150 million, refuse to allow AMPTP to use us and our platforms as scabs during the ongoing SAG-AFTRA strike.

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What is this?

In an honorable show of unity, both SAG-AFTRA and WGA have undertaken a historic strike against major production companies, demanding humane working conditions and equitable, livable compensation. As industry professionals take a courageous stand for their rights, large corporations such as Amazon/MGM, Apple, Disney/ABC/Fox, NBCUniversal, Netflix, Paramount/CBS, Sony, and Warner Bros. Discovery (HBO) have sought to undermine the movement by enlisting influencers to promote their projects, attend red carpets, and other events.

Influencers bear a crucial responsibility to oppose large, exploitative corporations and unite in solidarity with writers, actors, and other creatives in the film industry. Together, we must declare loudly and in one voice that we unequivocally stand proudly in solidarity with the ongoing labor movements and that corporate greed does not supersede humanity. By signing below and agreeing not to post on behalf of any struck work, you actively stand against exploitative film executives and show your support for workers' rights.

Creators: Sign the Solidarity Pledge

In doing so, you agree abide by SAG-AFTRA's Influencer Guidance and refuse to promote struck work for the duration of the strike.
Note: Any non-member seeking future membership in SAG-AFTRA who performs covered work or services for a struck company during the strike will not be admitted into membership in SAG-AFTRA.

Allies: Tell Your Favorite Creators to Stand with SAG-AFTRA

Even if you don't have a big platform, using your voice as a fan or follower has just as much power! Encourage the creators you follow to sign onto the Solidarity Pledge, cease posting about struck work, and stand with striking workers.

Donate to Strike Funds

Production companies have made it clear that humanity is on the backburner, claiming "[their] endgame is to allow things to drag on until union members start losing their apartments and losing their houses," calling this a "a cruel but necessary evil" (Deadline). This cannot stand, and striking workers need our help to stay afloat during the strikes.

Join a Picket Near You!

Both members and non-members can join the picket line, and is a great way to show solidarity and people power. Be sure to review SAG-AFTRA's Picket Guidelines and FAQ's in advance.

In Solidarity,